Wheat flour barfi or gur papdi


Chakki atta or whole wheat flour—1 cup

Jaggery—1 cup finely chopped

Ginger powder or Cardamom powder—half tea spoon

Roasted white sesame—1 tea spoon

Refined oil or ghee—2 to 3 table spoon


Place a kadhai on the stove. Add the flour, add the oil little at a time and keep stirring. Keep the flame low. Continue tossing and stirring until a brownish hue comes. Add the sesame, ginger powder and turn off stove.

Continue stirring and add the jaggery and mix well.

Empty the content into a wide plate and spread it evenly. Cut into required shape while the content is still hot.

When it cools down, you can store the pieces in a container for a long time.

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