Xilikha(Black or Chebulic Myrobalan) preservation


Xilikha—as per your availability (I had 5 kg)

Salt—500 gm for 5 kg of Xilikha

Water—to soak

Method of preservation:

Wash the Xilikha. It is to be noted that 500 gm of salt is required for 5 kg of Xilikha. Take a kadhai or any other suitable vessel. Fill it with water and salt and place on the stove. Add the Xilikhas and boil it until soft. Turn off the stove and strain the Xilikhas in a Khorahi or container with holes. Sun-dry it using a traditional dola or anything that is convenient. Four days of drying the Xilikhas under a scorching sun will ensure that they remain in good condition for several years.

We can also preserve Xilikha simply by sun-drying. But the point to be noted is that when Xilikha is preserved without boiling, they become too hard to even take a bite, and also turn black in colour after a few months.

Store the Xilikhas in air tight glass bottles or jars. Xilikha is packed with a lot of medicinal benefits. Our ancestors used to take two to three Xilikhas every day and that kept them healthy and fit. People suffering from health issues like diabetes, weak nerve, skin problems etc., will benefit from eating Xilikha. Remember to always use a dry spoon or hand to take out the preserved Xilikha.